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The SEL4IA team would like to share our heartfelt condolences to the family of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and to the far too many others who have been targeted by racist systems, policies and actions. Racism is rooted deeply in our communities and schools and continuing to wreak havoc on our students of color. As we continue to talk about SEL, we know the fight for equity is inextricably tied to SEL. Our organization is committed to ensuring SEL isn’t used as a tool to police black and brown bodies or create cultures of compliance. Rather, we are seeking to support systems that empower and uplift our students, putting their greatness on full display. This can’t be done by simply being allies. We must use our voices and privilege to be co-conspirators in the effort to dismantle systems of oppression. The old way of “doing school” is not working for far too many of our students. As we think about the future of education we must reimagine our systems and be intentionally anti-racist. We look forward to collaborating with you on this journey. 


The SEL4IA leadership team

Upcoming SEL Events

Social & Emotional Learning Exchange 2020

Start date: October 14, 2020

End date: October 16, 2020

Time: TBD

Location: Chicago, IL | Schaumburg Convention Center


Hosted by CASEL, this national gathering is for all those seeking to understand, experience and apply the latest developments in social and emotional learning.

The Social and Emotional Learning Exchange is a unique and timely opportunity to gather individuals committed to the comprehensive development and success of all students. Participants learn with and from those at the frontiers of social and emotional learning research, policy, and practice and discover new ways of collaborating with one another to amplify their impact.

The Exchange is for state, district and school leaders, classroom educators and practitioners, researchers and scholars, policy-shapers, and funders, as well as parents and youth. Sign up here for information on the 2020 SEL Exchange.

2020 Virtual Social and Emotional Learning Exchange

Date: October 15, 2020

Location: Chicago, IL


Hosted by CASEL, the 2020 SEL Exchange virtual summit is designed to provide a powerful and timely SEL experience for the widest possible audience to participate in safely and confidently. This summit will provide a platform to share SEL best practices to more districts, schools, and students in an era when these competencies and skills have never been more relevant.

SEL Impact

Educators Value SEL

Teachers are calling for schools to prioritize integrating SEL learning practices and strategies.

Principals Value SEL

Principals say SEL is essential, but want more guidance, training and support to teach these skills effectively.

SEL Yields Returns

On average, for every $1 invested in SEL programming, there is a return of $11.